Working with Laura made an immediate positive difference. In the first session Laura quickly identified what was wrong. She saved me from a surgery and she is an excellent barometer on alternative approaches that are non invasive.

Angela P.

Laura Gideon knows more about anatomy than any teacher I have come across. 

Her instructions are clear and her ability to instruct and demonstrate at  the same time is amazing. 

Helen S.

I just love Laura‘s classes! She makes them challenging and fun. Her expert knowledge and background as a exercise therapist and personal trainer really shows up and she delivers! 

Linda B.

She said my shoulder won’t get better until my posture is better—and she was right. I highly recommend Laura. It’s been a few months but with my daily exercises routine, my pain is almost entirely gone and I have almost 100% mobility. 

Susan S.

Christopher Jones, University Professor

I began working with Laura in February 2019. At the time, plantar fasciitis was keeping me from doing many of the activities that I love. I stopped running and playing basketball. The worst was having to turn down my daughter’s requests to play hide-and-go-seek tag. I had thought that I was handling my condition properly, going to the podiatrist, getting a cortisone shot, wearing orthotics. Nothing was working and clearly a different approach was needed.  

Luckily for me, my wife had been seeing this amazing trainer that she could not say enough good things about. I briefly considered other trainers that were closer to home, but I kept thinking about how Laura had been the only one, out of dozens of doctors, therapists, and trainers, to figure out what was causing a mysterious and painful condition my wife dealt with for many years. That, and the fact that my wife is now pain-free thanks to Laura. It seemed like the extra time in the car might be worth it. Was it ever.

Laura was able to explain exactly what was going on. The plantar fasciitis was the outcome of many years of bad habits. The orthotics that I had relied on for so long had caused my arch muscles to atrophy. Tight hamstrings from days spent sitting at a computer, weak glutes, and poor core strength were contributing factors. I remember that she figured this out just by looking at me. Not only that, but she did so in less than 30 minutes.

I remember thinking that finally, someone got it! For the first time in more than a year, I had a sense of hope that my condition could be reversed and that my life might return to normal.

Each time I go to Laura’s is different. The overarching goals of our work together are constant, but each time we meet she has come up with a new twist or a new challenge for me. Laura is excellent at explaining what we are doing and why it fits into the agenda we have set. It feels like every session is carefully planned for maximal benefit given exactly where I am at the time. I love not knowing what is next but always knowing it will help me. I have learned a new way to walk. I am getting stronger and more flexible, and I am developing better habits when working at the computer. While I am not quite ready for basketball yet, I know that will come before too long. Already, I am again enjoying hide-and-go-seek tag.  

Perhaps the biggest change I have noticed since I started working with Laura is a new belief that many years of physical vigor lie ahead of me if I am willing to do the work. I see a future where I will be able to keep up with my daughter for as long as she will let me. That is worth more than anything.