Sessions can be in-studio or virtual.


Safety precautions taken during the Covid pandemic for In-Studio sessions.

• Private studio is “open-walled” (outside) with consistent air flow

• Studio equipment sanitized before and in-between each client session

• Ample time to clean and “air-out” studio in-between each session appointment time 

• Masks are worn (client and trainer)

• Outdoor sink for hand washing


Virtual training is delivered via video-sharing that connects Laura with you, remotely.  The virtual option is a great way to get private 1 on 1 training sessions if you live out of state or too far to commute for an in-studio session. As we navigate the daily realities and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and physical distancing, virtual training is a great option for you if you are not comfortable with in-studio personal sessions. Virtual training sessions are scheduled at your convenience, done in the comfort of your home and mirrors the in-studio training approach using your available props. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection using a video-sharing platform like FaceTime or Zoom.

Jacqueline F. – age 50

“I found Laura in March, 2020. My body felt broken due to years of neglect. I was in constant pain and had difficulty walking. Laura has consistently helped me to put my body back in place.

“She helps me to challenge and push myself without getting injured. Beyond stretching, balance work, breathing techniques and strength training she has also been a great emotional support during this time of isolation. She shows up with a great attitude and always makes me laugh.Having a space away from home schooling my three children to take care of myself along with fixing my body has made a great difference for me emotionally and physically. 

“It is easy to Facetime her for my session from my home with a few pieces of equipment. I’m feeling better every day.”