What are your rates?

Private (1-on-1)

Single class: $90

Three pack: $250

Ten pack: $800

Duet (2 people share)

Single class: $55 each

Three pack: $150 each

To schedule a session call 310-397-6688 (land line, no texts) or email  laura@bamboobalance.com

How often should we meet?

The answer is . . . it depends.

If you’re a self-motivated individual and familiar with the type of training you desire, perhaps all you need is a home program created for you. On the other hand, if you’re new to exercise, you will want training on a consistent basis even if only one session per week.

Setting up an appointment is easy. After a brief “get to know you” conversation, we’ll schedule a appointment time for you for our first session.

What is your cancellation/pricing policy?

There is no charge for a session if cancelled 24 hours before your scheduled time. If your appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice the session fee will be charged.

Standing scheduled appointments require the purchase of a 10 session package.

For duet pricing both participants must show. In the event of a late cancel or no show of one participant, the attending client will be charged private session pricing.