I started to have shoulder problems from playing golf. Laura worked with me and I now have more strength and mobility in my shoulder than in 10 years. My golf game has also benefited . I would highly recommend Laura for anyone but especially for older men.

Al Linton, age 73 – Retired CFO CastleRock Entertainment

Fascia Fitness

Muscles and fascia always work together. Fascia fitness training incorporates sequenced movements on and off a soft foam roller along with stretching focusing on hydration of the connective tissue making it more pliable and less “sticky”. Additionally, the use of Trigger point balls for adhesion point release to help reduce discomfort and pain while increasing joint mobility. 

Med note: Functional fitness involves more than simply performing many reps of a single joint bicep curl. That’s because exercises that isolate joints and muscles are training muscles which results in less functional improvement. Functional movement training enhances the coordinated working relationship between your nervous and muscular systems. For example, squats will have a greater transfer effect on improving an individual’s ability to rise from the seat of a car or a couch than a seated single joint knee extensions on a leg extension machine.