Meet Laura Gideon M.S., CPT, CES

I began my Career in the Fitness industry in 1981 as an “Aerobics Instructor” and then studio owner when I lived in a small shoreline town in Connecticut. I never realized that it would be over 40 years of wearing “many hats” while earning an income helping people become healthy, vital and fit. I am grateful every day to be blessed with doing something I am very passionate about and look to continue well into many future decades helping individuals maintain optimum wellness, health and strength inside and out.

Along the way on my Fitness journey I earned a B.S. Degree in Public Health and Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. Additionally, over the last four decades I’ve earned a N.A.S.M. Personal Trainer Certification, IM=X Pilates Certification and Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification from The Biomechanics Method. I am a 2 time Finalist for The Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist of the year Award yrs 2018 & 2019.

Continuing to further venture into “entrepreneurial ship” I opened one of the first Personal/Pilates training gyms in Connecticut in 1997. I sold that gym and relocated to Los Angeles in 2005 where I married my husband Dennis Jimenez a native Angelino. Dennis also has had a lengthy career in fitness as an Aquatics and Scuba Diving Instructor and underwater videographer. Together we train on land and in the water for both adults and children. Whether you train with me or with Dennis you can be confident you’ll receive private attention and from a committed professional whose focus is your success. Since 2012 I’ve been a recurring guest instructor/presenter at Rancho La Puerta Wellness Resort and Spa in Tecate MX in addition to presenting my workshop “Fascial Release, Postural Alignment and Bone Health at various locations since 2016. 

Both of us have been athletes for most of our lives, and as an avid endurance athlete I experienced a serious hip injury from a mountain bike accident which eventually made me realize the importance of an aspect of fitness that needed more attention, this being “Corrective Exercise”. I saw a lack of safe transition from post physical therapy to getting “back to the gym” and now work with clients (many older adults) in my private home studio training them to stay injury free with corrective exercise modalities such as Pilates, Fascial Release, Functional and Postural Training, Building Bone and Muscular Strength along with Flexibility.

I am extremely grateful to earn a living doing what I do and look forward every day to helping keep individuals “Functionally Fit” and Healthy for the rest of their lives!