Zoom Groups are taught from my home studio 3-4 times per week. The featured classes below are offered weekly. My newsletter has the latest schedule and all the details. 

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Roll, Release and Mobilize – Muscles and fascia always work together, this class will incorporate props, movement and stretch sequences with a fascia focus to hydrate the connective tissue making it more pliable and less “sticky”. Trigger point or Tennis balls will be used for trigger point release to help reduce discomfort and pain while increasing joint mobility. Props are used in this class to achieve maximum benefit – Soft Foam Roller, Trigger point or Tennis Balls (2 preferred or 1 is fine), (option would be a Rolled up yoga mat or large towel as a substitute for a soft foam roller if you do not have one). Hand Towel, Yoga or stretch strap. Yoga Block or a Thick book.

Pilates For Functional Movement Mat Class– Full-Body Integration – One goal of functional movement “training” is to help people perform activities of daily living with ease and without pain. Our most mundane movements are actually quite complex and require integration of movement forces, joint stability and firing patterns. Pilates is brilliant because it teaches exercise as movements with focus on posture, joint stability, balance and prime-mover support. A well-balanced Pilates program incorporates moving the spine in multiple planes of motion along with teaching rhythm, patterning, coordination (brain and nervous system exercises) and learning to TRUST and not Fear movement!

Cardio/Strength Combo – This Class combines movements that will give you a “cardio kick” along with the benefits of toning and strengthening muscles using weights, resistance therabands and your body weight in a flowing exercise routine. You can perform all these exercises without props however the added resistance provides more intensity and benefit. This class is for ALL LEVELS so don’t let the name scare you!

Zoom pricing: Single Class $15

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