“I first started to work with Laura 8 years ago after 10 years of Yoga. Almost immediately I felt and saw an improvement in my fitness level. A few years later I started to have shoulder problems from playing golf and Laura worked with me to prepare for surgery. After Rotator Cuff surgery I increased my Pilates workouts with her from one to two days a week and I now have more strength and mobility in my shoulder than in 10 years. My golf game has also benefited from my improved fitness level. I would highly recommend Laura for anyone but especially for older men.”

– Al Linton, age 69 – Retired CFO CastleRock Entertainment


“Laura Gideon is an excellent Pilates teacher. She is very knowledgeable about anatomy and how best to take care of one’s body as one ages. Laura tailors her sessions to the needs of her clients. In her private sessions, as well as her classes, she works on strength, balance, and flexibility of body and brain. As a senior, I feel in better shape than I have in years since I started working with Laura. Laura works her clients hard, but her warmth and humor make each session fun and invaluable.”

– Marci S, age 67 –Special Ed Teacher


“As a “senior citizen” I’m so grateful to have found Laura Gideon. Her expertise helps me work to keep my body (and mind) strong and flexible in the right places and stave off many of what I used to think were inevitable declines of aging. She teaches with enthusiasm and humor, making each class or private lesson a joyful experience.”

– Natalie L, age 70 – Retired LCSW


“Laura is a wonderful Pilates trainer and person. It is always a real pleasure to work with her. She has a great understanding of individual needs. I highly recommend her; you’ll be happy and pleased with results.”

– Susan Friedman, Real Estate Agent from Venice


“I’ve worked with Laura for almost 10 years and she’s made my body happier! Celebrated my 80th birthday in late 2016 and Laura continues to help me keep well. She’s a gem!”

– Monica Billet, age 80 – Docent LACMA


“I was fortunate to meet Laura through the Fascial Mobilization class she teaches at SMY several years ago, which I attended to start the long road to recovery after a series of injuries. After I had attended the class several times, Laura was kind enough to speak to me after class one day regarding some difficulties I was facing and suggest some (very helpful) modifications so that I would get more out of the next class. This level of personal attention and overall knowledge impressed me so much that when it became clear I could start back at Pilates again, I immediately thought of her. My lessons since with Laura have made a definite impact on my overall level of strength and flexibility, and strike that perfect balance between being challenging while still mindful… which is something I think that requires her level of experience both in a general exercise and physical therapy setting to deliver well. In addition to being great at what she does, Laura is passionate and funny… so she will have you laughing at your conversation while you’re crying on the Chair.”

– Alexis Aiken, age 39 –Entrepreneur


“I have been working with Laura at least once a week for at least 7+years. It took a little bit of work to get me in the Pilates Studio doors, but once I got the hang of stretching, breathing and balancing I’m usually ready for my sessions. I’ve never been a very athletic person so Laura has been very patient and has worked with some of my other aches and pains. I’m not her oldest client but with her guidance I have made it to the seventies, looking forward to the eighties and nineties plus.”

– Elizabeth V, age 72 –Bookkeeper/Accounts Manager


“As a result of a motorcycle accident in 1985, my left ankle and foot were amputated when I was 24 years old. Twenty two years later I started training with Laura. Over the last 10 years, she has helped me transform my weak core and trained me to work muscles that I didn’t think I could control any more. My prosthetist told me I had one of the strongest spines he had ever seen on an amputee. Thank YOU Laura for your skill, depth of knowledge and commitment to helping me achieve my personal fitness goals.”

– Heidi Hart, age 56 – Attorney/ Healer